Word Front Wares

Frequently Asked Questions (Now With Answers!)
About Word Front Wares

Q: My God, these designs are amazing! How can you afford to let these gems go at such bargain prices?

A: Volume.

Q: So I just click on any of the designs above, and I can see every variation of shirts available for that design?

A: Yes.

Q: Why are some shirts $19.99 and others $21.99 or more?

A: Some of them, like the ringer t-shirts, just cost us more. The prices are solely based on the base price of the items. Also, multi-colored designs and XXXL sized shirts cost a little more. Some items, like the Ladies Baseball T, is hell of sexy, but it costs us more than regular t-shirts, so we have to mark it up appropriately.

Q: Have any advice about sizing?

A: The men's t-shirts will also fit women, although the ladies Ts are cut a little differently (narrower waist, wider in the hip). Keep in mind that the ladies sizes also tend to run a little on the large side, so you may want to get a smaller size or be prepared to shrink the shirts.

Q: My shirt is too big! Can I shrink it somehow?

A: While our garments arrive "pre-shrunk" you may still be able to squeeze them down a little further by washing them in hot water and then putting them in a very hot clothes dryer for at least an hour.

Q: Do you accept my brilliant ideas for shirt designs?

A: Yes! You may send a design idea or artwork (in Adobe Illustrator .ai format) to make_my_shirt_and_make_my_dreams_come_true (at) wordfront (dot) com (you know what to do to make the email address work) and if we accept your design we'll give you five (5) free shirts with your stuff on it. If we don't like your design, we'll mock you and make you cry.

Q: Do these shirts have Word Front logos or URLs on them?

A: We feel the best advertisement for our products is the word that leaves the mouth of someone wearing our shirts, therefore we do not add our company name or web site address to mar the beauty of our garments or accessories. Full Disclosure: Actually, our name does now appear on our mousepads, but it's in very small print in the bottom right-hand corner. But there aren't any copyright notices or web site addresses on any garments or mugs.

Q: My question isn't listed here.

A: Man, that's not even a question. Okay, okay, if you have a question about Word Front Wares, our products, or anything else, you may send an email to: stuff (at) wordfront (dot) com and we'll get back to you as soon as it's humanly possible, if not sooner.

Q: I love you, Word Front.

A: We love you too. Now buy some t-shirts.